September, 2009

September 10th, 2009The Web, WorkAdem 0 Comments

I should be getting broadband at home this weekend and it should mean an increase in blog posts from me, so don’t worry about my recent lack of posts. In the end I opted for Plusnet who can give me broadband for only £5.99 a month which is great value and I’ve heard good things [...]

The Premier League may have kicked off a few weeks back but yesterday was the start of the Thanet Sunday Football League season and saw my team Preston Hellings FC in action. We play in Division 1 and have always been more of a social team rather than an achieving team so we go into [...]


September 4th, 2009RandomAdem 3 Comments

I thought I’d just pop by and say ‘Hi’ as I’ve not been around much lately.

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