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July 20th, 2011BlogAdem 1 Comments

This blog really is a bit boring isn?t it? It?s typical that I can put so much time and effort into making other websites but when it comes to my own I opt for the default template and zero character.

I have tried to have a play with the theme and if you have visited over the past couple of weeks you will have noticed some different themes in use but they didn?t really do anything for me. I think I just need to sit down, decide what I want from this site, and actually put some work into it which sounds easy when I?m just typing here.

How nice does this site look? Clean, simple, and concise. I think my problem is that I don?t actually know what my blog is about. It started off as a personal blog, then a blog about Ramsgate where I was desperate for content and visitors, and now it?s shifted to me reporting on my online ventures with niche sites. With over 7 years worth of archives it?s hard to know what to do.

Most of my spare time online is spent researching passive income and finding ways I can increase my earnings outside of my 9-5 job and I think this is where the site has to go next. So the plan is:

  • New site structure
  • New theme
  • Better content

If I can monetise this site then that will be an added bonus but I will do this in a smart way so as not to be too in your face.

Is that a deal then? Watch this space.

'One Response to ?Updating this blog?'
  1. Adem says:

    OK, so I?ve started some work on the new template but it?s a work in progress. Watch this space.