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Sushi for dinner tonight

You may remember that in the summer I told you about my visit to ?Yoshi? a sushi restaurant in Canterbury, well this evening I had sushi again but this time it was from the Tesco Extra supermarket. You?ve probably seen the sushi in the chiller cabinets with the sandwiches, and generally they?re not usually worth the money but this evening after work I popped in and they had an extra large fish and vegetable sushi selection reduced from 5 to 2.50 which is a bargain.

I love the complex tastes you can get with sushi, but the other thing that appeals is its appearance which adds to the whole experience, so I thought I?d take a photo before tucking in with my chopsticks.

Sushi selection from Tesco

Sushi selection from Tesco

It was simply delicious (with some wasabi and soy sauce) and now it?s given me a hankering to make my own sushi. It sounds pretty complicated but I remember seeing them make sushi on Saturday Kitchen on BBC1 so it can?t be too hard if they expect you to be able to make it at home (a quick search on the wonderful bbc.co.uk/recipes brings up these sushi recipes). If I can get the ingredients together then I will definitely give it a go.

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  1. Making sushi isn?t too difficult actually, I used to make my own back in France, where sushi were like some kind of caviar. A good combination is cream cheese and avocado? not very Japanese, I know, but yummy!

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