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Painted Ladies in Ramsgate

My cat has been getting an extra supplement to her diet in the form of an influx of Painted Ladies (Vanessa cardui) butterflies who have come over to our shores after migrating from North Africa and the Mediterranean. There were a dozen or so in the garden late yesterday afternoon, enjoying the sun and also [...]

New photo added

Just added an new photo over at ademdjemil.co.uk/photo. I also visited Kearnsey Abbey in Dover today and took A LOT of photos and will maybe have a good one to add to the photo blog. I?m only adding a photo if I think it?s pretty good and that I?m proud of it. Quality not quantity [...]

Euroferries Update - Ship being repainted?

Euroferries Update - Ship being repainted?

There?s a wealth of information being posted in the comments of this post, and the latest info from the Euroferries.co.uk website says:
Euroferries high speed cross channel service commences imminently between Port of Ramsgate, Kent and the French Port of Boulogne-Sur-Mer.
Fares, online ticket reservations and further information will appear on www.euroferries.co.uk week commencing 16th March
Reader Steve [...]

Mystery Gates at Westwood

I hurt my knee and ankle on Sunday by getting my catching my foot in a divot whilst kicking the ball. This meant a lot of pressure was put on my dodgy knee and even dodgier ankles. For the next couple of days I was hobbling around and even had to miss my usual 5-aside [...]

Photos from Margate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend

As promised in yesterday?s post here are my photos from theMargate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend. I took quite a few and it made a change to be taking photos of something different. I put a slideshow below or you can see the photos on my Flickr page.

Margate Quad Biking Photos Coming Soon

I had a cycle over to Margate today to get a little bit of exercise and to also see some of the quad biking at theMargate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend.
I also took a lot of photos which I need to go through and upload.. but that will be for tomorrow, so for now here?s [...]


After my post ?Getting the most of my photos? I had a bit of a playaround and came up with this. I say ?came up? when all I really did was run another wordpress install under /photo directory and then installed this theme and installed this plugin.
I uploaded a few photos, fiddled around with a [...]

Getting the most of my photos

Getting the most of my photos

If you stumble over to my flickr account you?ll see that I?ve been taking a few more photos lately, and so I should be considering I spent nearly 800 on my Canon 450d and lenses over the summer. The problem I have is that I take too many photos, opting for quantity rather than quality [...]

Which Camera Do I Take?

Thanks everyone for your Birthday wishes. I seem to be over my melancholy and it?s back to business again after a while away from the blog.
You?ve got a few more days of me, and then I?m disappearing as I?m off on holiday! I?m off to Gran Canaria for a week and although everything is sorted [...]

Sunset at Westwood, Broadstairs

The nights are drawing in and it?s dark by 4pm, but at least I get to see things like this at work. I was looking out the window and took a wander outside and got this snap on my phone:
I don?t really take any photos on my phone as I always seem to think that [...]