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10 years since I saw Blur.

Just watching Blur playing at the Glastonbury festival and it just occured to me that it was almost 10 years ago that I saw them play at the Brighton Centre in December 1999. That was my first year at Uni and they were playing their ?Singles Tour? where they played every one of their 23 [...]

The Gossip - Heavy Cross

A good song to play loud this weekend?.

Party like it?s 1999

I saw this on the TV this morning whilst I was eating my cereal and thought I?d pop it up here. I was just wondering what dates we had to look forward to? The millennium is a pretty special date, and of course it doesn?t really mean anything but it was a nice round date [...]

Coffee and TV

Here?s one that fits in so very well with a Friday and the end of the week - Coffee and TV by Blur all the way from 1999.

I heard it today on the radio and I thought I?d share it with you in case you?d forgotten it too.

The Prodigy - Warrior's Dance

The Prodigy - Warrior?s Dance

When I was at school I couldn?t get enough of the Prodigy and it was the summer before I started 6th form that The Fat of the Land was released (1997). I already owned Music for the Jilted Generation (1994), the previous album, and then I bought Experience (1991), their first album, which I missed [...]

La Roux - In For The Kill

La Roux - In For The Kill

Last week I worked a acouple of evenings and it meant that I heard a few different shows other than the normal Chris Moyles/Scott Mills combo I get in a normal working day. I got to listen to Zane Lowe and Annie Mac and this good thing about this is you get to hear a [...]

Kasabian at Margate Winter Gardens

I bought my ticket today to go and see Kasabian at the Margate Winter Gardens on 23rd March. Yes that is a Monday but what better way to try and reclaim the weekend than by going to a gig.
I honestly hadn?t heard that they were playing and it?s a bit of a coup for Margate [...]

The Fray - Heartless

The Fray - Heartless

My radio channel of choice is Radio 1. Yes it is crap and commercial sometimes but every so often they come up with the goods and one of the regular segments that fulfils this criteria is Live Lounge, where artists and bands come in and perform one of their own tracks and also perform a [...]

My Birthday 2008

Ah Friday. Here we are again at the dawning of a new weekend, and no doubt the opportunity to waste it away and then trudge back to work on Monday. Pessimistic?me? Oh well.
I suppose I do have some things to look forward to, such as my birthday in a couple of weeks time. It?s been [...]

Grace Jones - William's Blood

Grace Jones - William?s Blood

I was just driving home from work and heard this on the Zane Lowe show on BBC Radio 1:
Grace Jones - Williamís Blood (Album Version)

Grace Jones - Williamís Blood (Aeroplane Remix)

When I think of Grace Jones I usually just think of the scary woman from that James Bond film, but I have to admit that [...]