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Distractions in the garden

The garden is probably the last area I should be paying attention to in the quest to renovate and decorate my house, but the weather has been so nice that I deviated and went to work outside. On Sunday I had a good weeding and pruning session, and then borrowed my neighbours pressure washer to [...]

Video of the main bedroom

I put down the carpet in the main bedroom so here?s a video if you fancy having a peek.

More work on the house

I was able to get down the house last night and actually put in a bit of work. I have to admit I?ve not done a huge amount on it over the past few weeks due to other committments, but I feel I?ve got back on track again now. When I first bought the place [...]

Kitchen almost finished

Kitchen almost finished

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and so it comes as no suprise that this is where I?ve spent the most money whilst renovating (apart from central heating). I?ve tiled the floor, painted the wall and ceiling, installed new units, new worktops, got new electric oven and gas hob, [...]

Proper Skint

This month I am going to be proper skint and it?s the first time in a few years that I?ve said that. I?ve spent out quite a lot in the last month on doing up the kitchen which included oven, hob, sink, taps, worktops, plumbing, and even then I?ve still got to buy the finishing [...]

Kitchen Update

I was working down the house last night and only got to see the 2nd half of the Champion?s League final between Manchester United and Barcelona, but from what I saw it looked like Barça thoroughly deserved their win and were the better team on the night.
As for my work down the house, which I [...]

Saving for a rainy day

So that?s the end of the good weather then? a couple of days.. and for both of them I was indoors doing DIY. Today it?s absolutely pooring down and I had great fun with the car getting some damp in the engine and wanting to keep cutting out. Luckily I was able to pull over [...]

Tiling the kitchen floor

Last night and today I got down to tiling the kitchen floor in the new house and all that?s left is to grout it tomorrow. Once that?s done then I?ll be able to put in the new kitchen. Woo Hoo!
As you can see  I?ve got my central heating in too.
I love it when a plan [...]

Bathroom almost completed.

So I haven?t told you much about the house lately, although all my friends have been asking me how it?s going and the only answer I have is that it?s all taking a little longer than I first anticipated.
Initially I made really good progress in clearing it out etc, but the preparation has taken quite [...]

Not a home yet

It?s coming up for a month of homeownership for me, but I really can?t call it homeownership as it?s not my home yet. I?ve been working hard(ish) on getting it all ready but with working full-time it?s left to evenings etc to get down to the nitty-, DIY, gritty and get some work done.
I suppose [...]