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The Play Coalition

The Play Coalition

Apparently today, Monday 19th January, is the most depressing day of the year? or it could all just be a load of rubbish for a slow news day.
It?s a slow news day over here too and so I?m going to point you over to ?The Play Coalition? to see some of their designs so you [...]

The future of the blog

I?ve been thinking about resurrecting the blog and getting back to blogging. Yes I know, I did contemplate this a couple of months ago with my last post but I think this could actually be a return for me.
I need to sort out the format of the site though which includes a few things:
The Domain. [...]


I?ve gone a bit slack on the webdesign side of things and although things are ticking along I?ve not been able to put as much time and effort into things as I would like. I was meant to migrate all my sites from 1&1 hosting over to my new hosting, and although I?ve done this [...]