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Britain's Best BBQ'er Competition 2009

Britain?s Best BBQ?er Competition 2009

After getting to bed at 5am on Friday and 3:30am on Saturday, I didn?t have the inclination to go to Margate?s Big Weekend, and so that?s missed for another year, but I do have something to point you in the direction of for next weekend.
Next Sunday 28th June will see the Broadstairs heat (pun intended) [...]

Mystery Gates at Westwood

I hurt my knee and ankle on Sunday by getting my catching my foot in a divot whilst kicking the ball. This meant a lot of pressure was put on my dodgy knee and even dodgier ankles. For the next couple of days I was hobbling around and even had to miss my usual 5-aside [...]

New Thanet College site to open in September 2011

New Thanet College site to open in September 2011

I attended a presentation this week regarding Thanet College?s relocation from Broadstairs town to a site in between the Tesco Extra and Thanet Reach Business Park at Westwood. Looking at the plans it?s an amazing opportunity for students to have access to custom built state of the art facilities, and will hopefully attract more people [...]