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Mystery Gates at Westwood

I hurt my knee and ankle on Sunday by getting my catching my foot in a divot whilst kicking the ball. This meant a lot of pressure was put on my dodgy knee and even dodgier ankles. For the next couple of days I was hobbling around and even had to miss my usual 5-aside football on Tuesday but by yesterday all was back to normal, which was a very quick rehabilitation by my standards.

When I got back from work yesterday I set up my new cycle computer on my bike (cheapo one from Tesco) and went off for a quick bike ride. A very quick one as it was getting dark and rush-hour traffics meant there were a lot of drivers around who don?t always respect cyclists. I only did 3.25 miles, which is nothing really, but at least it was something, and then I got back to have some dinner and spent 2.5 hours in sheer agony at watching Arsenal only just beat Roma via penalties in the Champions League.

Back to last weekend I went out for my cycle on Saturday to see the Quad Biking in Margate I came across a few things that I only normal catch a glance of when I?m driving at it?s these:

Mystery gates at Westwood

Mystery gates at Westwood

I can only assume they are part of a former estate at Westwood () but with no buildings there I can only assume and on the map you can see that the pathway leads a long way (more pics here, here, and here). Anyone know any more? Maybe they are just gates to the woods?

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  1. I think you?ll find that there?s an old cemetery there, Poorhole Lane which the site runs along was named from the mass graves dating from the Black Death

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadstairs

  2. Certainly a burial ground from the Middle Ages was at Poorhole Lane for Plague victims and there was mention in the local paper as I recall a few years a go about the possibility of new work there disturbing graves and disturbing dormant plague?though unlikely?.nevertheless, stick it in your aquifier for all I care! I?m sure there are a couple of houses in that area and it is private so no trespassing! I would like to know more about it?.anyone?

  3. Intriguing. I was also thinking of a cemetery. We have similar mysterious gates here in our town which, as it turns out, guard a trail to a centuries? old cemetery. Very cool.

  4. Hmm.. a bit more investigation on this needed..

    Cheers for the comments.

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