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Video Tour of New House

Yesterday at 10am my estate agents called me up to say that I could pick the keys up to the new house, but as I was at work it wasn?t until gone 4pm that I was able to get them and go check out my house? yes, MY house.

It?s been a very quick process as I only saw the house at the beginning of February, and had an offer accepted by 9th February, so here we are 6 weeks later and I own a house. My solicitors and estate agents have been great and I would recommend them for making it so easy for someone with no experience to go through the homebuying process.

I?ve spoken to so many people, and no doubt bored so many people too when talking about the house so I thought I?d actually do something that they might be interested in and took my video camera with me to film a quick tour of the house (with commentary) so that you can all see what I?ve got myself into.

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  1. Wow, it has been quick! Nice house anyway - hope you will be happy there!

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