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Margate?s Big Weekend

I haven?t really got anything to blog about at the moment, well, anything interesting to blog about, so I won?t. If you are around Thanet this weekend then can I point you in the direction of Margate?s Big Weekend,?Kentís Leading Air and Land Festival?.
This is another event I usually miss out on but I will [...]

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2009

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2009

Yesterday was the first day of the 2009 Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival and I am still alive today to tell you about it which is a good thing. It?s great to see something like this succeeding and pulling in such a crowd, with not just locals, but many people travelling some distance to sample [...]

Photos from Margate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend

As promised in yesterday?s post here are my photos from the†Margate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend. I took quite a few and it made a change to be taking photos of something different. I put a slideshow below or you can see the photos on my Flickr page.

Margate Quad Biking Photos Coming Soon

I had a cycle over to Margate today to get a little bit of exercise and to also see some of the quad biking at the†Margate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend.
I also took a lot of photos which I need to go through and upload.. but that will be for tomorrow, so for now here?s [...]

Quad Biking at Margate

Something that?s happened for the past few years, but I?ve never managed to go to is the Quad Racing Association Margate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend, or QRAMBSBC for short, or how about just the Quad Bike thingy at Margate. Yet again it seems to be something that has sneaked up on me, and I [...]

Kasabian at Margate Winter Gardens

I bought my ticket today to go and see Kasabian at the Margate Winter Gardens on 23rd March. Yes that is a Monday but what better way to try and reclaim the weekend than by going to a gig.
I honestly hadn?t heard that they were playing and it?s a bit of a coup for Margate [...]

The Future of Thanet

There is a lot of doom and gloom around the local area at the moment and there don?t seem to be that many people around with positive views of the Thanet area or its future. Maybe we?re all suffering from SAD but it goes deeper than that and it seems that most of the people [...]