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Central Heating Installation

Central Heating Installation

When I first bought my house at the end of March I did quite a bit of work in clearing it out and getting it back to the bare bones but then my productivity dropped and I suppose it was because I had no focus. There was so much to do that I didn?t really [...]

Slow and steady wins the race

So it?s looking like the hose is going to take a lot longer to get sorted than I?d previously thought, but doing things the proper way will make it a great house to live in.
It?s taking quite a while to remove all the junk that was left in the house and after several tip-runs yesterday [...]

Flushing out radiators

It?s at this time of year that you appreciate living in a house with central heating, so I guess I half appreciate it as only half the radiators in my house are working. It?s something that could be sorted out by calling out an engineer, but this will involve spending lots of money which is [...]