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More work on the house

I was able to get down the house last night and actually put in a bit of work. I have to admit I?ve not done a huge amount on it over the past few weeks due to other committments, but I feel I?ve got back on track again now. When I first bought the place at the end of March I thought I?d be moved in by now, but coming up for 3 months later I?m not. The main reason I?ve slowed down is that I?ve got no money until pay day next week, but last night I realised there were quite a few things I really should?ve done which don?t cost any money. I should be ahead of where I am but I?ll put that down to experience and know that should I do this again I will be much quicker.

I finished the tiling around the bathroom room (already had tiles), I hung a door upstairs (already had door), I weeded the garden, I fixed the bath panels back on the bath, I peeled some wallpaper and I generally just felt a lot more focussed. I?m getting some carpet today and will fit that this week in the main bedroom, and then I can start moving more bits in.

It?ll definitely be a bit strange when I finally move in, but good at the same time as summer is here and I?ll be able to have a cracking housewarming party/bbq. I now know it?s not best to set deadlines of moving in but a couple of weeks is realistic now I think.

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  1. Oh, may I come? That?s a safe invitation given the distance. ;)

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