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Weekend Update

Weekend Update

I have a melon-head? well a swollen face due to an abscess. I had a dental check-up on Wednesday which was all fine, and then that very evening I started getting a pain, had trouble sleeping, and then found my face swelling up by morning, alojng with some pain too. Great. I rang up the [...]

Aching limbs plus more news

At the moment I?m aching a fair bit after a good weekend of sport. I played Basketball on Saturday for about 1.5 hours which was fun as it was a sunny day and then it was time to watch the remainder of the 6 Nations rugby matches. Yesterday I played 90 mins of Sunday league [...]

Weekend Catch-up

OK, well, I just started writing a post and then accidently deleted it. Doh. So you?re going to get a more concise post now without the rich tapestry of storytelling that you?re used to!
1. I am feeling a lot better and almost recovered from my cold. I just have a throaty/phlegmy thingy going on which [...]

I?ve got a cold again!

A couple of weeks back I had a bad cold, but I got over it and have been feeling fine, but yesterday I came down with it again. All the symptoms are the same which is very very annoying, and one of these is not being able to sleep and get comfortable due to feeling [...]


For the next couple of days after my dentist visit I was a vegetarian as I had to have food that I didn?t need to chew and that I could swallow easily, with mash and gravy being a firm favourite. I normally will have meat everyday but it got me thinking about if I really [...]

Sedated tooth extraction

Yesterday I had two teeth out, which I?d broken beyond repair, and this involved getting sedated and then having them extracted. I?d read a little and it didn?t sound too pleasant, but I?m happy to report back that everything went well and I?m feeling fine.
I turned up and they did an x-ray, and then I [...]

Getting Sedated.

In one hour I?ll be at the dentists and will be having two teeth out. I will be getting sedated with a ?calming and sedating drug?, which will be administered by cannula, and as a result I?ll be ?without the feeling of being worried and without any pain?. As I?m getting drugged-up my Mum has [...]

Back at work

Yawn, I?m tired. It?s been two weeks of doing absolutely nothing, and now I?m back at work. I know many of you returned yesterday, but in my wisdom, I took yesterday off as annual leave so that I wouldn?t be as depressed.
I?ve had a cold for the past week as well as a bad back, [...]

Back to the Dentists

My tooth is feeling a lot better now so the antibiotics did their trick, which I?m thankful for. I had spent the quite a few nights sleeping on the sofa so that when I did wake up with the pain I was able to sit up and watch a bit of TV to try and [...]

A trip to the dentists

A few weeks back I lost a filling in my tooth, and as I was in no pain I thought I?d leave it for the moment as I knew I had to make an appointment to have a check-up anyway. Obviously I forgot to book the check-up, and then on Monday afternoon I came down [...]