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Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2009

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2009

Yesterday was the first day of the 2009 Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival and I am still alive today to tell you about it which is a good thing. It?s great to see something like this succeeding and pulling in such a crowd, with not just locals, but many people travelling some distance to sample [...]

Weekend in London

On Saturday afternoon I went up to see my Dad in Edmonton and again went out for a huge lunch at aTurkish restaurantand I returned to Lewisham around 3:30pm and met up with Tim, Steve, and Tom for a bit of a session. The session included beer, pool, more beer, bowling, beer, shots, Flaming Lamborghini?s, [...]

A Night Indoors

What with all the festivities over Christmas and New Year, along with the impending doom of the credit crunch, it came as no surprise when most of my friends didn?t have plans for last night and were going to instead just spend the evening in front of the TV ?saving money?. My solution was [...]

Gadds' Ramsgate Brewery

Gadds? Ramsgate Brewery

On Thursday night I went to the Gadds? Ramsgate Brewery, and had a most excellent time. I?ve been on a few brewery tours before but I have to say this was the best one and after my post about Thanet going to the dogs it?s nice to actually see a local independant business doing well.
The [...]

Jack Frost nipping at your nose

I?ve been a little bored this week as I?ve been off work but haven?t applied myself to anything of note. I?ve watched TV, played computer games, got my Christmas shopping done, had a bit of a tidy-up, but that?s about it really. Everyone else has been at work and so I?ve only had myself as [...]