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A Night Indoors

Some evidence from Saturday Night

Some evidence from Saturday Night

What with all the festivities over Christmas and New Year, along with the impending doom of the credit crunch, it came as no surprise when most of my friends didn?t have plans for last night and were going to instead just spend the evening in front of the TV ?saving money?. My solution was for them all to come round mine and we?d watch TV together. I had beer which had been perfectly chilled by leaving it outside, and I also had the new Frankie Boyle: Live at the Hackney Empire stand-up DVD.

It was a good evening with plenty of laughs, plenty of beer, and plenty of Monster Munch. A nice cheap evening but just not in a pub. Result.

I?ve actually got quite a few ?big? weekends lined up over the next month and so maybe this was a good idea. I couldn?t do it every week but it was nice to know that I didn?t need to spend money to have fun. I had to spend some money? but not a lot and certainly cheaper than paying 3 a pint in the pub.

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