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A trip down memory lane

I went down to Chichester for the first time since July of last summer, yes July 2007, and I can?t believe it?s been that long. I left Chi in 2004 and have tried to get down a few times a year, but I?ve been lazy and it took an engagement party to get me down [...]

Stayed at Ramsgate instead

Guess what? I never went down to Chichester at the weekend. Despite being knackered and having a hangover I was going to make teh long journey down, but after a few phonecalls I found out my place to kip had deserted me and that a few more people had dropped out, and so I took [...]

Weekend Catch-up

OK, well, I just started writing a post and then accidently deleted it. Doh. So you?re going to get a more concise post now without the rich tapestry of storytelling that you?re used to!
1. I am feeling a lot better and almost recovered from my cold. I just have a throaty/phlegmy thingy going on which [...]

Chichester Visit + Websites

Chichester Visit + Websites

Blimey, I?ve got quite a lot to go through but haven?t found the time to blog (this seems to always happen this time of year..) but I?d better get started or I?ll forget.
So last week I went down to my old stomping ground at Chichester and had a very nice weekend. I was going down [...]

Chichester Rapist Jailed

I lived in Chichester from 1999 until 2004 and all throughout that time it was known about the ?Chichester Rapist? as there had been a range of attacks in the area. Not a very nice topic but something that people had to be wary of as it was a University town and as such full [...]

Lessons Learnt

We had the Police around yesterday, no not the band, but the actual Police who came to talk about the burglary. It was nice to have a friendly chat about it with someone who has obviously more experience in this type of thing, and he reassured us on quite a few things.
It looks like, based [...]

A Great Weekend in Chichester

A Great Weekend in Chichester

I?ve had a brilliant weekend. Nice to know eh? I went down to Chichester and caught up with lots of old Uni friends and did I say I had a brilliant time? Sometimes when I?ve popped down to Chi there hasn?t been much going on or not many people around but this weekend it was [...]

Birmingham and Old Friends

Birmingham and Old Friends

Tomorrow I?ve got a training day in Birmingham, which is a very very long way from me, and as I?ve got to be there for 10:30am I?m going to have to get a train at 5:30am, which is very very early. I suppose I could?ve made an excuse but that would be wrong and so [...]

You and your friends, in boxes of ten

I think I told you that I?d be invited to go down to Chichester at the weekend, but already had plans here in Thanet, as is always the way.
Well on Thursday night I decided that my time would be better spent going to Chi as I only go down there a few times a year, [...]

If you believe the western sun, is falling down on everyone

I started this post a few days ago but it?s taken me a while to get around to finishing it. So anyway I was over at Pynchon?s blog when he spoke about a negative encounter with the Hare Krishna?s on the highstreet and their particular way of selling/donating books to young impressionable.
This type of encounter [...]