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Britain's Best BBQ'er Competition 2009

Britain?s Best BBQ?er Competition 2009

After getting to bed at 5am on Friday and 3:30am on Saturday, I didn?t have the inclination to go to Margate?s Big Weekend, and so that?s missed for another year, but I do have something to point you in the direction of for next weekend.
Next Sunday 28th June will see the Broadstairs heat (pun intended) [...]

Mexican rice and bean casserole

Yesterday I thought I?d go vegetarian for the day as I?d eaten plenty of stodgy food over the weekend and felt in need of a bit of a detox from meat and fast food. Breakfast was cereal as usual, and for lunch I had fresh Tomato & Basil soup which I bought from Sainsbury?s which [...]

Yoshi - sushi restaurant in Canterbury

Until yesterday my only experience of sushi was from the little chilled packs that are available from the chiller sections in supermarkets, but that changed with a visit to Yoshi in Canterbury. From the exterior it looks like a typical oriental restaurant, only situated on a ring road, and not welcoming at all, but I [...]

Packed lunches save money

Packed lunches save money

One sure fire way to spend a lot of money is to eat out and not make your own lunch for work. It certainly eats into the funds as I?ve been spending at least 3 a day on a baguette and a drink, which adds up to 15 a week, and therefore at least 60 [...]

Perfect Poached Egg

I?ve been away from the blog for a few days so here?s a quick post just to let you know that I?m still here. I?m not at work this morning as I had a 13 hour day at work yesterday and so I?m here in front of the PC catching up with the world. I?ve [...]