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Weekend in London

I got back today from a weekend in London and have to say say that I had a great time. I?ve been looking forward to the weekend as I haven?t been out in a while having tried to stay in so that I had some money to go out with, and although I?m even more [...]

Being Nice

After a bit of self-reflection last week I decided that I needed make the extra effort to be nicer and I hope that over the past week I?ve succeeded.
?lately Iíve looked at myself and Iím moodier, less helpful, short-tempered, put down people, and generally less fun than I used to be. I know I canít [...]

Am I boring you yet?

I know you?re probably all sick of me talking about the new house, but there?s no getting away from the fact that this is one of the biggest things to have happened to me for quite a while, and is unquestionably the most expensive thing I?ve ever taken on so of course it is dominating [...]

Back from Bournemouth

And now I?m back from my weekend in Bournemouth. It was Phil?s stag weekend, we went out on Friday night, got drunk, went clubbing, and had fun. On saturday we went on an activity day (Rage Buggies, Dodgeball Paintball, Blind 4◊4, and Clay Pigeon Shooting), went for a meal, got in fancy dress, went out, [...]

Weekend in London

On Saturday afternoon I went up to see my Dad in Edmonton and again went out for a huge lunch at a†Turkish restaurant†and I returned to Lewisham around 3:30pm and met up with Tim, Steve, and Tom for a bit of a session. The session included beer, pool, more beer, bowling, beer, shots, Flaming Lamborghini?s, [...]

A Night Indoors

What with all the festivities over Christmas and New Year, along with the impending doom of the credit crunch, it came as no surprise when most of my friends didn?t have plans for last night and were going to instead just spend the evening in front of the TV ?saving money?. My solution was [...]

Friends Like These

Yesterday I told you how I?d been reading a lot of Danny Wallace books, and last night I finished ?Friends Like These?.
Danny Wallace is about to turn thirty and his life has become a cliche. Recently married and living in a smart new area of town, he?s swapped pints for lattes and had even contemplated [...]

My Birthday 2008

Ah Friday. Here we are again at the dawning of a new weekend, and no doubt the opportunity to waste it away and then trudge back to work on Monday. Pessimistic?me? Oh well.
I suppose I do have some things to look forward to, such as my birthday in a couple of weeks time. It?s been [...]

A trip down memory lane

I went down to Chichester for the first time since July of last summer, yes July 2007, and I can?t believe it?s been that long. I left Chi in 2004 and have tried to get down a few times a year, but I?ve been lazy and it took an engagement party to get me down [...]

Weekend Catch-up

OK, well, I just started writing a post and then accidently deleted it. Doh. So you?re going to get a more concise post now without the rich tapestry of storytelling that you?re used to!
1. I am feeling a lot better and almost recovered from my cold. I just have a throaty/phlegmy thingy going on which [...]