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I?ve been blogging for five years

I am well aware that the blog has gone a little stale, hell, I?m even boring myself here, but as we all know, it?s not just here for amusement and insight but also to keep a record of what?s going on in my life and has documented (mostly) throughout the last five years with only [...]

Nothing to Say

Yet again you will have noticed that I?ve not been blogging. The other day I started writing a new post, got a few sentences through and then stopped. I don?t have anything to blog about at the moment but I?m sure that will change soon. This post is just to check in and at least [...]

Changing Domain to ademdjemil.co.uk

Changing Domain to ademdjemil.co.uk

I?ve had the ademweb.co.uk domain since August 2004, and since April 2007 I?ve hosted my blog on this domain from when I moved over from blogger. After a hiatus from blogging last year I said I was going to move domain and I?ve finally got around to it. I think a full name url is [...]


After my post ?Getting the most of my photos? I had a bit of a playaround and came up with this. I say ?came up? when all I really did was run another wordpress install under /photo directory and then installed this theme and installed this plugin.
I uploaded a few photos, fiddled around with a [...]

Getting the most of my photos

Getting the most of my photos

If you stumble over to my flickr account you?ll see that I?ve been taking a few more photos lately, and so I should be considering I spent nearly 800 on my Canon 450d and lenses over the summer. The problem I have is that I take too many photos, opting for quantity rather than quality [...]

'Bird Feeder' Wordpress Plugin

?Bird Feeder? Wordpress Plugin

I?ve just added a new Wordpress plugin called ?Bird Feeder? which should automatically update my twitter feed with the post title and a shortened url. There?s only one way to try this out so consider this a test post.
Update: It works fine. At least now my twitter feed will be updated a little more often [...]

Analysing Wordpress Stats

Analysing Wordpress Stats

The last few posts I?ve written have been a bit *meh* and I?ve said as much when I?ve been writing them, but a post is a post, and you can?t ask for more than that can you, and at least I?m still blogging.
After my six month hiatus from the blog I returned, gave the place [...]

The future of the blog

I?ve been thinking about resurrecting the blog and getting back to blogging. Yes I know, I did contemplate this a couple of months ago with my last post but I think this could actually be a return for me.
I need to sort out the format of the site though which includes a few things:
The Domain. [...]

Is anyone out there?

Anyone still there? I thought I?d pop my head over the parapet and see what was happening. Could this be a return to blogging for me? Who knows. Feel free to leave a little comment for me. - Adem

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Spring Clean

It?s been a month since I last posted and I have to say that I?ve enjoyed not blogging. It?s been nice not to have to blog, or to blog about rubbish which no one cares about (okay a few people read regularly, but I was getting bored). I?ve been blogging here for almost four years [...]