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Not a home yet

It?s coming up for a month of homeownership for me, but I really can?t call it homeownership as it?s not my home yet. I?ve been working hard(ish) on getting it all ready but with working full-time it?s left to evenings etc to get down to the nitty-, DIY, gritty and get some work done.
I suppose [...]

Am I boring you yet?

I know you?re probably all sick of me talking about the new house, but there?s no getting away from the fact that this is one of the biggest things to have happened to me for quite a while, and is unquestionably the most expensive thing I?ve ever taken on so of course it is dominating [...]

Video Tour of New House

Yesterday at 10am my estate agents called me up to say that I could pick the keys up to the new house, but as I was at work it wasn?t until gone 4pm that I was able to get them and go check out my house? yes, MY house.
It?s been a very quick process as [...]

Completing on new house next Tuesday!

I just got a call from my solicitor and he advised me that he?s exchanged contracts and that I?d be completing on my house next Tuesday 24th March! I only sent off the final set of papers yesterday and as I?ve got no ties I just put ASAP for when I wanted to complete. In [...]

Buying a house

So, anyone want to hear something quite interesting? Well, it may not be interesting to you, but it?s pretty live-changing to me. I am buying a house.
I?ve found a house I like, I?ve had an offer accepted, I?ve sorted out my mortgage & insurance, and now what?s left is for a survey to go ahead, [...]