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Britain's Best BBQ'er Competition 2009

Britain?s Best BBQ?er Competition 2009

After getting to bed at 5am on Friday and 3:30am on Saturday, I didn?t have the inclination to go to Margate?s Big Weekend, and so that?s missed for another year, but I do have something to point you in the direction of for next weekend.
Next Sunday 28th June will see the Broadstairs heat (pun intended) [...]

Mexican rice and bean casserole

Yesterday I thought I?d go vegetarian for the day as I?d eaten plenty of stodgy food over the weekend and felt in need of a bit of a detox from meat and fast food. Breakfast was cereal as usual, and for lunch I had fresh Tomato & Basil soup which I bought from Sainsbury?s which [...]

Weekend in London

I got back today from a weekend in London and have to say say that I had a great time. I?ve been looking forward to the weekend as I haven?t been out in a while having tried to stay in so that I had some money to go out with, and although I?m even more [...]

Yoshi - sushi restaurant in Canterbury

Until yesterday my only experience of sushi was from the little chilled packs that are available from the chiller sections in supermarkets, but that changed with a visit to Yoshi in Canterbury. From the exterior it looks like a typical oriental restaurant, only situated on a ring road, and not welcoming at all, but I [...]

Packed lunches save money

Packed lunches save money

One sure fire way to spend a lot of money is to eat out and not make your own lunch for work. It certainly eats into the funds as I?ve been spending at least £3 a day on a baguette and a drink, which adds up to £15 a week, and therefore at least £60 [...]

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2009

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2009

Yesterday was the first day of the 2009 Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival and I am still alive today to tell you about it which is a good thing. It?s great to see something like this succeeding and pulling in such a crowd, with not just locals, but many people travelling some distance to sample [...]

Back from Bournemouth

And now I?m back from my weekend in Bournemouth. It was Phil?s stag weekend, we went out on Friday night, got drunk, went clubbing, and had fun. On saturday we went on an activity day (Rage Buggies, Dodgeball Paintball, Blind 4×4, and Clay Pigeon Shooting), went for a meal, got in fancy dress, went out, [...]

Weekend in London

On Saturday afternoon I went up to see my Dad in Edmonton and again went out for a huge lunch at a Turkish restaurant and I returned to Lewisham around 3:30pm and met up with Tim, Steve, and Tom for a bit of a session. The session included beer, pool, more beer, bowling, beer, shots, Flaming Lamborghini?s, [...]

Perfect Poached Egg

I?ve been away from the blog for a few days so here?s a quick post just to let you know that I?m still here. I?m not at work this morning as I had a 13 hour day at work yesterday and so I?m here in front of the PC catching up with the world. I?ve [...]

My Birthday 2008

Ah Friday. Here we are again at the dawning of a new weekend, and no doubt the opportunity to waste it away and then trudge back to work on Monday. Pessimistic?me? Oh well.
I suppose I do have some things to look forward to, such as my birthday in a couple of weeks time. It?s been [...]