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Photos from Margate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend

As promised in yesterday?s post here are my photos from theMargate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend. I took quite a few and it made a change to be taking photos of something different. I put a slideshow below or you can see the photos on my Flickr page.

Quad Biking at Margate

Something that?s happened for the past few years, but I?ve never managed to go to is the Quad Racing Association Margate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend, or QRAMBSBC for short, or how about just the Quad Bike thingy at Margate. Yet again it seems to be something that has sneaked up on me, and I [...]

Timber washes ashore at Ramsgate

On Monday night a cargo ship shed its 1,500 tonne load of timber into the sea and over the last couple of days it?s been washing up on the Thanet coast where I live. This morning I had the chance to pop down the seafront with my camera and took quite a few snaps as [...]