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Video of the main bedroom

I put down the carpet in the main bedroom so here?s a video if you fancy having a peek.

More work on the house

I was able to get down the house last night and actually put in a bit of work. I have to admit I?ve not done a huge amount on it over the past few weeks due to other committments, but I feel I?ve got back on track again now. When I first bought the place [...]

Property Snakes and Ladders

Last night I watch Sarah Beeny?s Property Snakes And Ladders on Channel 4 and in this episode she went to Leatherhead & Battersea and saw two people who have invested in propery with the help of their parents and were looking to make a quick buck. Unfortunately they invested in their property at the peak [...]

Proper Skint

This month I am going to be proper skint and it?s the first time in a few years that I?ve said that. I?ve spent out quite a lot in the last month on doing up the kitchen which included oven, hob, sink, taps, worktops, plumbing, and even then I?ve still got to buy the finishing [...]

Saving for a rainy day

So that?s the end of the good weather then? a couple of days.. and for both of them I was indoors doing DIY. Today it?s absolutely pooring down and I had great fun with the car getting some damp in the engine and wanting to keep cutting out. Luckily I was able to pull over [...]

Tiling the kitchen floor

Last night and today I got down to tiling the kitchen floor in the new house and all that?s left is to grout it tomorrow. Once that?s done then I?ll be able to put in the new kitchen. Woo Hoo!

As you can see I?ve got my central heating in too.

I love it when a plan [...]

Central Heating Installation

Central Heating Installation

When I first bought my house at the end of March I did quite a bit of work in clearing it out and getting it back to the bare bones but then my productivity dropped and I suppose it was because I had no focus. There was so much to do that I didn?t really [...]

I?ve been blogging for five years

I am well aware that the blog has gone a little stale, hell, I?m even boring myself here, but as we all know, it?s not just here for amusement and insight but also to keep a record of what?s going on in my life and has documented (mostly) throughout the last five years with only [...]

Not a home yet

It?s coming up for a month of homeownership for me, but I really can?t call it homeownership as it?s not my home yet. I?ve been working hard(ish) on getting it all ready but with working full-time it?s left to evenings etc to get down to the nitty-, DIY, gritty and get some work done.
I suppose [...]

Am I boring you yet?

I know you?re probably all sick of me talking about the new house, but there?s no getting away from the fact that this is one of the biggest things to have happened to me for quite a while, and is unquestionably the most expensive thing I?ve ever taken on so of course it is dominating [...]