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Devoid of Ideas

I was reading an article in today?s Independent in their ?Business Start Up? and it featured a selection on entrepreneurs telling a brief account of how they got started and how to succeed in the current financial climate. It was all very interesting, and it?s something I would love to do, but without the motivation [...]


I?ve gone a bit slack on the webdesign side of things and although things are ticking along I?ve not been able to put as much time and effort into things as I would like. I was meant to migrate all my sites from 1&1 hosting over to my new hosting, and although I?ve done this [...]

Back at work

Yawn, I?m tired. It?s been two weeks of doing absolutely nothing, and now I?m back at work. I know many of you returned yesterday, but in my wisdom, I took yesterday off as annual leave so that I wouldn?t be as depressed.
I?ve had a cold for the past week as well as a bad back, [...]

Reseller Hosting

I?ve actually had a bit more time on my hands as I?ve done a few less evenings at work, and have found that I?ve been enjoying making websites again. It?s something I like doing as can hopefully make a few quid from.
I?ve mentioned previously the limitations I?ve had with hosts, especially as most of the [...]

Drum ?n? Bass Driving

hmmm? driving home at 1am after work and driving 60mph along country roads in the dark, listening to drum ?n? bass is a very odd experience. Not sure if it should be repeated. Very odd.


It?s Monday morning and I should be well rested but the Freshers have arrived at Uni, and so yestersay, Sunday, I was working from 10am-2pm and then 3pm-12.20am. I am knackered after that, but the thing is that I?ve got this for all this week, except I?ll be working longer! I?ll be in work at [...]

Shot through the heart

Grrrhhh?. looks like I?m going to be paying for 2 hosting accounts now!
I told you before about the problem with 1&1.com in that I could only have 2 MySQL databases with my hosting when I really wanted a lot more. The service with 1&1 has been fantastic, but as I run a lot of site [...]

Letting the side down.

Last week I was meant to be working on a new site specifically for my web design?.. I did not do this. It hardly inspires confidence does it?!

Back to work tomorrow

Grrrhhhh! I?ve got work tomorrow and I?m not looking forward to it. I?ve been off for a couple of weeks and know I?ve got lots of work to do when I get back. It feels like the last day of the school holidays.
I?ve got lots of work to put in and know I?ve got a [...]

Choose DIY and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning

I am unmotivated.
I am probably in a bit of a rut and am a little depressed at the moment. I am usually very upbeat but today I feel a little down, although I never plunge to certain depths of despair that other do. After all I don?t have anything too great to worry about, I [...]