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Britain's Best BBQ'er Competition 2009

Britain?s Best BBQ?er Competition 2009

After getting to bed at 5am on Friday and 3:30am on Saturday, I didn?t have the inclination to go to Margate?s Big Weekend, and so that?s missed for another year, but I do have something to point you in the direction of for next weekend.
Next Sunday 28th June will see the Broadstairs heat (pun intended) [...]

Margate?s Big Weekend

I haven?t really got anything to blog about at the moment, well, anything interesting to blog about, so I won?t. If you are around Thanet this weekend then can I point you in the direction of Margate?s Big Weekend,?Kentís Leading Air and Land Festival?.
This is another event I usually miss out on but I will [...]

Photo of Euroferries Express?

Photo of Euroferries Express?

On the This is Kent webiste there is a story today apparently showing the new Euroferries Express (formerly Bonanza Express) which will be running the much delayed service between Ramsgate and Boulogne. I say apparently as there have already been mocked up photos circulating for some time and this one very much resembles this one [...]

Painted Ladies in Ramsgate

My cat has been getting an extra supplement to her diet in the form of an influx of Painted Ladies (Vanessa cardui) butterflies who have come over to our shores after migrating from North Africa and the Mediterranean. There were a dozen or so in the garden late yesterday afternoon, enjoying the sun and also [...]

A vote for Green is a vote against the BNP and UKIP

Following the revelations amongst the major political parties it comes as no surprise that many people are choosing not to use their vote in the local and European elections as ?they?re all as bad as each other?, and to some degree I have the same viewpoint. No matter who is elected nothing really changes and [...]

Ramsgate and Margate Relegated

I went to the last game of the season yesterday, Ramsgate?s last in the Ryman Premier Division, which saw the team lose 3-0 against Ashford (Middlesex). We were down already and will be playing in Ryman Division 1 South.
It?s been a poor season and changes need to be made. I have hope for next season [...]

KCC may get Iceland money back

KCC may get Iceland money back

Kent County Council, who lost £50 million in the collapse of the Iceland banks, received some good news today when it emerged that they should get a large percentage of the money back after administrators indicated there could be an 80% return.
This would be a lucky escape for KCC after continuing to deposit money into [...]

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2009

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2009

Yesterday was the first day of the 2009 Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival and I am still alive today to tell you about it which is a good thing. It?s great to see something like this succeeding and pulling in such a crowd, with not just locals, but many people travelling some distance to sample [...]

Euroferries Update - Ship being repainted?

Euroferries Update - Ship being repainted?

There?s a wealth of information being posted in the comments of this post, and the latest info from the Euroferries.co.uk website says:
Euroferries high speed cross channel service commences imminently between Port of Ramsgate, Kent and the French Port of Boulogne-Sur-Mer.
Fares, online ticket reservations and further information will appear on www.euroferries.co.uk week commencing 16th March
Reader Steve [...]

Mystery Gates at Westwood

I hurt my knee and ankle on Sunday by getting my catching my foot in a divot whilst kicking the ball. This meant a lot of pressure was put on my dodgy knee and even dodgier ankles. For the next couple of days I was hobbling around and even had to miss my usual 5-aside [...]