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Photo of Euroferries Express?

Onlu size image they had.

Only size image they had.

On the This is Kent webiste there is a story today apparently showing the new Euroferries Express (formerly Bonanza Express) which will be running the much delayed service between Ramsgate and Boulogne. I say apparently as there have already been mocked up photos circulating for some time and this one very much resembles this one from an article in March.

Thanet South MP Stephen Ladyman had a ?helper? take these photos and he says:

?I know Thanet council and Euroferries are working hard on finalising agreements and I hope they will conclude them now as rapidly as possible so that this new service can get underway and start boosting our local economy.?

If you want to read more about the ongoing saga from those in the know then you might want to visit the comments on this previous post (250 comments so far). The service if you remember was meant to start in Spring but never materialised and their website still says it will commence imminently? but we shall wait.

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