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Is anyone out there?

Anyone still there? I thought I?d pop my head over the parapet and see what was happening. Could this be a return to blogging for me? Who knows. Feel free to leave a little comment for me. - Adem

Image under CC by blackandecker

12 Responses to ? Is anyone out there? ?

  1. I?m still out here. :) Hope all is well with you, Adem.

  2. There appears to be a lonely and rather doleful looking dog in the road.

  3. Still here. This is such a great shot!

    Glad you checked in, and hope to see you around more soon. :0)

  4. As I said? I?d stop in from time to time to see if you decide to make a comeback

  5. Was just wondering if you knew why I cannot join the Thanet blog list, welcome back!

  6. Hey Adem, good to see and hear from you. I am on a slow blogging run at the moment, have been for ages really, but I think that?s the style of my blogging now. Hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you soon!

  7. I?m here as well!

  8. And there?s a latecomer and occasional popper-in, here, too.

    Noticed you hadn?t been predicting at CUAS (LB & co.), wondered if there was a story behind that.

    As for the sitting dog image, I was drawn to the detail (cracks) of the road. That sat comfortably, albeit sadly, with the dog?s expression.

    Wishing you well.

  9. is blogworld calling you back to her bosom?

    You know you want to?..


  10. So 6 weeks has past since that one. I would like to get back into blogging as I?m sure I still have something of interest to say?

    When things have happenned lately or I?ve heard something I?ve thought ?Oooh, I should blog about that..? but of course I haven?t.

    It?s been nice not to ?have? to blog, or comment, or visit sites if I don?t want to.

    I just don?t want to return in a half-hearted manner?. so we?ll see.

    As for my input on other sites and blogs? I?ve really just been a voyeur and if I have left a comment then you are one of the lucky few.

  11. Called in just to see how you were keeping.

  12. Looking for a reply (if poss) Aravis.

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