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The Play Coalition

The Play Coalition

Apparently today, Monday 19th January, is the most depressing day of the year? or it could all just be a load of rubbish for a slow news day.
It?s a slow news day over here too and so I?m going to point you over to ?The Play Coalition? to see some of their designs so you [...]

More on Vimeo

More on Vimeo

Following on from yesterday?s post about Jake and Amir on Vimeo I thought I?d give you another sample of some of the stuff on Vimeo. I know it?s not going to blow you away with this type of blogging but at least I?m blogging again even if it is with videos etc. At least I?m [...]

New Project

I?m going to be developing a new website soon, and let me just say it?s very exciting. I can?t really talk about it at the moment as I?ve still got lots of ideas running through my head and don?t want to commit myself too soon as it might take a while to get off the [...]


I?ve gone a bit slack on the webdesign side of things and although things are ticking along I?ve not been able to put as much time and effort into things as I would like. I was meant to migrate all my sites from 1&1 hosting over to my new hosting, and although I?ve done this [...]

Changing Hosts

As I mentioned a while back, I?ve signed up for new hosting with HostGator, and so far I?ve been very happy with what they do for me. Everything runs fine, is easy to sort, and I?ve already set up a few new sites over there. Of course I still have my 1&1 hosting which hosts [...]

Chichester Visit + Websites

Chichester Visit + Websites

Blimey, I?ve got quite a lot to go through but haven?t found the time to blog (this seems to always happen this time of year..) but I?d better get started or I?ll forget.
So last week I went down to my old stomping ground at Chichester and had a very nice weekend. I was going down [...]

Reseller Hosting

I?ve actually had a bit more time on my hands as I?ve done a few less evenings at work, and have found that I?ve been enjoying making websites again. It?s something I like doing as can hopefully make a few quid from.
I?ve mentioned previously the limitations I?ve had with hosts, especially as most of the [...]

Shot through the heart

Grrrhhh?. looks like I?m going to be paying for 2 hosting accounts now!
I told you before about the problem with 1&1.com in that I could only have 2 MySQL databases with my hosting when I really wanted a lot more. The service with 1&1 has been fantastic, but as I run a lot of site [...]

Letting the side down.

Last week I was meant to be working on a new site specifically for my web design?.. I did not do this. It hardly inspires confidence does it?!

Midweek Round-up

Wednesday already eh? So what?s been going on? Not a very interesting post from me today (no change there) but better check in eh?
On Monday I went for a meal with work colleagues in Canterbury at the The Cuban which was very nice. I?ve had drinks in there before and always been very impressed [...]