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In times of need?

You know that jar or bottle in the corner of the room where you sometimes put your loose change? Well I?ve got one and as it?s a time of financial need I went off to the bank and got 53.04, 6 Eurocents, a US quarter, a Deutsche Mark, and 10 Canadian cents. Obviously it?s quite [...]

Property Snakes and Ladders

Last night I watch Sarah Beeny?s Property Snakes And Ladders on Channel 4 and in this episode she went to Leatherhead & Battersea and saw two people who have invested in propery with the help of their parents and were looking to make a quick buck. Unfortunately they invested in their property at the peak [...]

Packed lunches save money

Packed lunches save money

One sure fire way to spend a lot of money is to eat out and not make your own lunch for work. It certainly eats into the funds as I?ve been spending at least 3 a day on a baguette and a drink, which adds up to 15 a week, and therefore at least 60 [...]

Proper Skint

This month I am going to be proper skint and it?s the first time in a few years that I?ve said that. I?ve spent out quite a lot in the last month on doing up the kitchen which included oven, hob, sink, taps, worktops, plumbing, and even then I?ve still got to buy the finishing [...]

Saving Energy

I?m sure in quite a few places in this blog I?ve gone on about the environment, being green, recycling, etc and now that I?ve got the new house I?ve got more things to deal with to ensure that I?m being as kind as is possible to the environment. I of course want to save money [...]

Not a home yet

It?s coming up for a month of homeownership for me, but I really can?t call it homeownership as it?s not my home yet. I?ve been working hard(ish) on getting it all ready but with working full-time it?s left to evenings etc to get down to the nitty-, DIY, gritty and get some work done.
I suppose [...]

KCC may get Iceland money back

KCC may get Iceland money back

Kent County Council, who lost 50 million in the collapse of the Iceland banks, received some good news today when it emerged that they should get a large percentage of the money back after administrators indicated there could be an 80% return.
This would be a lucky escape for KCC after continuing to deposit money into [...]

Aching limbs plus more news

At the moment I?m aching a fair bit after a good weekend of sport. I played Basketball on Saturday for about 1.5 hours which was fun as it was a sunny day and then it was time to watch the remainder of the 6 Nations rugby matches. Yesterday I played 90 mins of Sunday league [...]

Completing on new house next Tuesday!

I just got a call from my solicitor and he advised me that he?s exchanged contracts and that I?d be completing on my house next Tuesday 24th March! I only sent off the final set of papers yesterday and as I?ve got no ties I just put ASAP for when I wanted to complete. In [...]

Thanet Loyalty Card

I saw a little snippet of a report on the BBC morning news today about a town in Shropshire that has implemented a loyalty card scheme in order to increase footfall and keep people shopping local and I wondered to myself if something like that would work for our local towns?
I?ve just googled and found [...]