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Aching limbs plus more news

At the moment I?m aching a fair bit after a good weekend of sport. I played Basketball on Saturday for about 1.5 hours which was fun as it was a sunny day and then it was time to watch the remainder of the 6 Nations rugby matches. Yesterday I played 90 mins of Sunday league football, which is the main factor for my aching as I haven?t played for quite a while and got a full game under my belt at right-back. We lost, big-time, but I still enjoyed it.

Yesterday was of course Mother?s Day too and so I made a nice luch for Mum consisting of griddled lamb steaks, olive oil mash, carrots, and purple sprouting broccoli. Very nice it was too.

And after a relaxing weekend I am now not so relaxed as tomorrow is my completion day on the new house and I?m getting a little nervous. I shouldn?t have anything to worry about but it?s quite a change to suddenly own my own house and be very very responsible for EVERYTHING in my life. I?ve just been setting-up the electricity, gas, and water and it?s all very daunting the amount of money that I?ll be paying out every month, but I don?t think I?ll know the real figure until I?ve been there for a couple of months.

So I complete tomorrow and will pick the keys up, but I haven?t got any time off this week, so will pop in a few evening to start clearing some of the crap out, and it?ll be next week (when I?ve got the whole week booked off) that I?ll be able to get around to decorating and moving things in.

So now all that?s left is to carry on aching and wait for tomorrow.

4 Responses to ? Aching limbs plus more news ?

  1. So much going on. Exciting stuff, though!

  2. Basketball in March? March madness? ;-)

  3. Oh and I also went to a Kasabian gig last night too?

  4. And then last night (Tuesday) I played 5-aside for 90 minutes too? I am aching again but feeling very good too.

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