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New exercise regime

Looking back, the amount of exercise I do has dropped down drastically over the last six months (and even that wasn?t a lot) and so I?m going to blog about my exercise in a bid to shame me and hopefully force me to at least do something instead of just sitting around and watching TV.

I?m putting these posts into a category marked ?exercise diary? and I?m creating a separate page to show all posts from the category and so that I can?t escape from them.

I?ve made a start to the exercise this weekend with a 9.4 mile cycle ride to Margate yesterday and then I cycled 3 miles today. I have to admit that my bum hurt a bit after Saturday?s ride but I?m sure that I?ll get used to that.

Just to let you know that I?m working out the milage using Google Maps and not just making it up but I have now got a little cycle computer but I need to set that up on my bike and will soon be using that instead.

3 Responses to ? New exercise regime ?

  1. You can come running with me if you like mate. Went for my first run for ages today. Not too bad, but rather a struggle mentally though.

  2. Not a big fan of ?the running?. I also tried to snap my left leg yesterday when I caught my foot in a divot whilst kicking a ball. Knee and ankle ache, so am hobbling about, but can still ride bike.

  3. Phew! You?re doing a lot better than I would! I haven?t exercised in awhile. I have some good reasons, and some bad reasons, but I need to follow your example and get to work on myself again.

    After I finish my chocolate chip cookie.

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