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If you like to gamble, I tell you I?m your man

I?ve just finished playing in an online poker tournament with Ladbrokes Poker. I just finished 3rd out of 39 entrants, which I thought wasn?t that bad. I sometimes play online in small games which you can leave at anytime but this one was a proper one with a buy-in and a prize fund. It wasn?t a big one, just $2 to buy-in and the winner gets to play in a larger tournament with a very large prize fund. The runner up got $62, whichI just missed out on.
I wouldn?t recommend online poker to those with an addictive nature, but I enjoy it and play it only if I get bored. So I?m a few dollars lighter now but that?s a few hours wasted away.

No doubt I?ll be broke the next time I post, homeless and with the bailiffs after me! ;)
I?ve also been watching the Kerrang 2006 Rock 100 [via The Hits on freeview] which has been on for the last 8 hours !! Some great videos.

3 Responses to ? If you like to gamble, I tell you I?m your man ?

  1. Sounds like fun! Hope Lady Luck smiles on you next time. :0)

  2. just played tonight and finished in 12th place?.doh!

  3. Fortunately I don?t have the patience to sit and play games, I hate losing too much and I do have an addictive personality?

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