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Pressure pushing down on me

So Phil and myself have had some requests for designs from Ginny, Flash, SwissToni, and Tracy, and so now we get onto the hard bit of actually doing some work!

My input will have to wait till tomorrow evening as I?ve been out from 8am till 5:15pm doing a course and have work at the pub from 7pm till 11:30pm. I have got 5-aside footy tomorrow and squash after but I should be free from 10pm so I can get going then.


And we?re still struggling on a choice of name for the business. Several are on the shortlist but nothing has yet had that *WOW* feeling [although quite a few that we've fancied have already been taken by other businesses.]

4 Responses to ? Pressure pushing down on me ?

  1. Me too! *sobs* didn?t you guys see mine?

    You?ll do one for me, too, right?

  2. yes. yes. yes. But tell us more?.

  3. Haha! You mean I have to tell you what I want? That?s not cool?Surely you can read my blog and tell me what I want? [only kidding]

    Let me think, and I?ll think of something remarkable difficult for you ;)

  4. Work work work work work.

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