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Image used under CC from Route79

Image used under CC from Route79

I was in Tesco?s tonight.. YES, I KNOW! Given my recent post about saving money and being more frugal there I am in the antithesis of it, but I needed to do food shopping and I made sure I bought cheap and reduced items (sussed on the man!). I was all done by 6pm and then it was time to join a queue? Shit, it was the longest queue I?ve ever seen in a supermarket.

I joined the end of a very very long queue, which was the shortest of the very very long queues, and bided my time in which I learnt that some people had called in ill and as such there were only five checkouts open. These things happen and I knew I?d eventually get served but some people in front were getting quite irate, no doubt they were organising a lynching mob to take care of the manager of Tesco Extra, and eventually they settled on writing down the complaints number and decided to give them a peace of their mind after all ?TESCO made 1.5 Billion profit last year? (a fact I can?t confirm but the people in the queue obviously knew these things).

It turned out that I had joined the queue at the wrong time and seemed destined to always be at the end. Isn?t it annoying when that happens and no one joins after you? Eventually they got some more people onto the tills, seconded from other departments, and after 40 minutes I had been served and made my way home.

If I had been in a rush for something then I may have been slightly peeved but what good would that have done? It wasn?t going to make the queues go any quicker, so I just chilled out, thought how good I was being with my shopping, people watched, and that was it.

Oh, I spent 35 by the way? hmmm? no chance of that being classed as frugal yet.

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  1. You?ll find that that always happens. When the superstore near where I live was a Cop-operative supermarket more people equalled less people on the tills.

    It must be a marketing tool - or something like that.

  2. You?re right- there?s no point getting upset when there?s nothing you can do about it anyway. I always feel badly for the tellers when things like that happen. It isn?t their fault that people called out and left them understaffed.


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