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Just one note, could make me float

It?s the weekend, traditionally a quiet time in blogland as everyone?s away from the office, and doing other stuff instead of being stuck to the computer. Well I?ve not done too much today except for some plumbing to fix a broken toilet [broken ciphon diaphragm if you're interested]. So what better was to cheers those up who are surfing around cyberspace than to watch a Chili Peppers video, so here you go.

3 Responses to ? Just one note, could make me float ?

  1. The weekend? It feels as if the world has disappeared, it?s so quiet.

    It?s been raining non-stop since yesterday, nothing?s happening and tonight its the bleeding Eurovision thing, ugh!

    Vid was nice though; love the Esther Williams thing they did (have you noticed btw how many cool girls are absolutely crazy about the RHCP?)

  2. like myxamatosis this site is blinding.

    Like butter in a restaurant it?s on a roll

    C to the unt

  3. Sadly, I?m too in love with my computer to leave it altogether, even on the weekend. We have a nice, co-dependent relationship. It keeps working, and I allow it to live. *G*

    Hope you?re enjoying the rest of your time off now that the toilet?s fixed!

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