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Lost Souls

I was just about to leave for work this morning when I realised I?d had the same few CDs on rotation in the car for quite awhile (A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step / Q - Best of 2004).
I picked up The Doves - Lost Souls and made my way to work. The CD is absolutely amazing and I?m sure it sounds even better because I haven?t listened to it for about a year.

The Doves have got a new album out ?Some Cities? but I have to admit I don?t know if I?ll buy it. I think I?ll be happy with ?Lost Souls?. Check it out.
I?ve got a little piece of trivia about Doves - I heard this when their debut album came out on the Mark & Lard show on Radio1. I didn?t quite believe it, and those of you who used to listen to the show will understand why. Ok, are you ready for it??.Before they were Doves they were?..Sub Sub, who had a classic hit with ?Ain?t No Love (Ain?t No Use)?. Luckily they decided to then pick up their guitars and make this album. Don?t believe me? Check out .

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