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Turn me around and take me back to the start

Last night was New Year?s Eve in case you hadn?t noticed and this is usually accompanied by me and my friends going out in fancy dress, getting drunk, and generally having a good time, and this year was no different. Order of the day was ?Clockwork Orange? for the guys and ?Pirates? for the girls, and I think we all looked good, and in total there were around 18 or so of us who made our way over to Broadstairs.

(Us boys before we went out)

Last night was a Guinness night for me, and I probably had about 8 pints with a horrible pint of Stella Artois to end the night with. I?ve actually gone off lager lately and have been enjoying my ales and stouts, and I think it?s got something to do with the weather, and it?s hard to describe but they are more ?warm?, ?honest?, and ?filling? as opposed to the lager wich seems to have absolutely no character this time of year. Anyway back to New Year?s Eve.

The evening went very well and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We started off at the Bradstowe Mill, then went to the Prince Albert, then the Old Crowne, and we eventually saw in New Year at The Rose, and then to The Dolphin for that horrible Stella. We missed the last train home and then had to wait ages for a taxi, eventually getting home around 3am, and certainly the fancy dress was easier to remove than it was 2 years ago when I was covered in brown body paint when we all dressed up as Mr T. I can?t believe that I woke up at 8:30am when I?m sure I could?ve done with the extra sleep.

It?s strange that New Year no longer holds the same feelings for me as it used to and it seems to be the same for everyone around here. It?s just really another day isn?t it? The same holds true for Birthdays and Christmas. Is this what happens when you get older?

I was taking pictures last night with Chris? camera and so I?ll get hold of some photos later and post them here and hopefuly they give me a few extra hints to what else happened last night!

Have a nice Bank Holiday people!

(p.s. I took this one when I got home?. I was drunk)

3 Responses to ? Turn me around and take me back to the start ?

  1. It?s a great photo, even so. *G*

    I still enjoy the holidays and birthdays, but in a quieter way. I don?t become excited, just a peaceful happiness. Hard to explain, but certainly not the way I felt when I was younger.

    I believe I prefer this way. :0)

  2. the holidays this time of year have changed for me too. Its no longer the toy holiday and the drunk holiday. They?ve both evolved into something a bit more meaningful. Christmas is a celebration of family for me, while new years is a celebration of friends.

    Agreed on the Stouts and Ales too. well? some ales (belgian whites scream summer to me). The darker beers are just oddly appropriate for winter time consumption.

  3. I?m afraid it does get a bit like that as the years go by. I?m not sure dressing up as Morris men with large codpieces would get me in the festive spirit though.

    If you want to re-live your youth a bit, why not come along to my panto? Half the audience appear to have brought hip flasks along, judging by the amount of heckling, so a few more drunks wouldn?t make much difference :-)

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